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What does the “Super” mean as in “Super 100’s” wool?

The term “Super 100’s” was originally invented by British Wool Textile Export Corporation and the meaning behind it is the degree of fineness, or more precisely, the length of fibre that can be spun from a pound of wool. It is known that the finer the wool, the greater its length per pound which leads to higher quality clothing and along with that more expensive as well. The ‘Super’ scale is roughly as follows:

Super 80’s     19.5 microns
Super 90’s  19.0 microns
Super 100’s  18.5 microns
Super 120’s  17.5 microns
Super 130’s  16.5 microns
Super 140’s  16 microns
Super 150’s  15.5 microns
Super 180’s  13.5 microns
Super 200’s  13 microns

NOTE:  micron, is an SI derived unit of length which is equal of thousand millimeters.

What does ‘Worsted’ mean?

Worsted is a term which was invented in Worstead in Norofolk, England where it was first made. It is used for  a system of spinning that uses long tightly twisted fibres, which are combed to lie parallel. Its main feature is that it results in a strong, smooth and versatile fabric which can be made in a variety of weights according to the weather conditions. . For example, lightweight worsted wool is a very good choice for suits and trousers in warm climates or during summer.

Does Egyptian Cotton come exclusively from Egypt?

Egypt is known to produce some of the finest cotton in the world and that is exactly why many countries use hybrids of the original Egyptian species which are also part of the popular “Egyptian Cotton”.  There is currently no hallmark or guarantee of quality or originality other than experience, feel and touch. Egyptian Cotton is absolutely one of our favourites, and we only stock the highest quality available.

Does Cashmere come from Kashmir?

No, it comes from the soft undercoat of the Kashmir goat, indigenous to Mongolia.

Is Cashmere the most expensive cloth?

No, this title belongs to Vicuna, which comes from the fleece of small wild animals of the same name. They belong to the llama family, and roam the high slopes in the central Andes, mostly above 5000 metres. Vicuna is the finest, softest animal fibre in the world and  along with that, the most expensive.


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