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In most of the cases, shirts are the most eye-catching clothing that captures people’s attention right away. The reason for that fact is pretty simple- shirts are the ones that have the biggest impact and the last word about what kind of style you are actually nurturing.

Shirts with mother-of-pearl buttons are a sign of well-made shirt and a rather classy and formal look.

In super-lightweight summer dress shirts, there may be no placket at all, in order to keep the shirt cool and modern- perfect fit during the summer days.

Shirts look the best when they fit wellon your shoulders that’s why a spilt yoke can be used to adjust the fit of a shirt precisely to the customer’s stature, which is a great way to expose your powerful build.

When it comes to the quality, the essential thing are the stiches. 20 stiches per inch are a definition of a good shirt and along with that a definition of all the shirts offered in our store. Another proof for the high quality of our shirts are the stripes or checks which match exactly where the shoulders joins the sleeve.

shirts with placket